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  • Rosoretto Roero Arneïs


    Color: intense straw yellow Scent: ethereal perfume of wildflowers. Flavor: persistent and well structured, it amazes for the pleasant minerality, lasting with a harmonic alcoholic note.Color: intense straw yellow

  • Rosoretto Barbera d'Alba...


    The wine has a rich bouquet with typical aromas of blackcurrant and cherry. The taste is round and well structured.

  • Rosoretto Barolo "Parussi"


    The colour is garnet red with a hint of orange. The bouquet has typical hints of cinnamon, liquorice, roses. It has a strong structure, yet elegant, and with tannins that will further soften with age.

  • Magnum Rosoretto Barolo...


    The colour is garnet red with a hint of orange. The bouquet has typical hints of cinnamon, liquorice, roses. It has a strong structure, yet elegant, and with tannins that will further soften with age.

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  • Rosoretto Chardonnay "Francis"


    This wine has a bouquet of citrus and bergamotte, and a very structured taste, minerality, and soft aftertaste.

  • Vignano Il Primo


    Ruby red colour

  • Vignano Matrio

    Colour: deep purple Bouquet: black raspberry, tomato, basil and hints of leather. Taste: satiny and cherry soda, nuts and baking spices with a finish of moderate oak.
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  • Vignano Primavolta


    Colour: intense straw yellow Bouquet:ripe peach and pineapple Taste: full bodied and smooth. Unctuous and filling in the mouth with long finish with slight notes of green apple. Blend: Viognier 50%, Petit Manseng 50%

  • Falchini Paretaio


    After a careful selection of Sangiovese grapes, and properly using the French barrique for aging, (which enhances the typical characteristics of the Tuscan Sangiovese), we create an elegant wine with great harmony and a very balanced structure, soft textured and velvety. It is produced with grapes from the property owned vineyard Paretaio in San Gimignano, mainly with Sangiovese (90%) and a hint of Merlot (10%) carefully hand selected during the harvest. The must is then fermented with selected yeasts in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The following malolactic fermentation is carried out for at least 18 months in small 225 litre French oak barrels. The wine then spends at least one to two more years to refine in the bottle in the winery’s cellars before being released. It is typically of an intense ruby red, with garnet colours. It has an dark cherry and dry flowers with spices in the bouquet. To the taste it is dry, austere, again spicy with a harmonious and elegant touch of oak.

  • Falchini Campora


    This world-renowned wine comes from the property owned vineyard Camporaiolo at Casale in San Gimignano. It is produced from carefully hand selected Cabernet Sauvignon (95%) and Merlot (5%) grapes. After the fermentation in temperature-controlled tanks, the wine passes into small French oak barriques (40% new, 60% used) and is aged for about 30 months; this is where this wine gains the structure and elegance it is noted for. Once bottled, the wine then rests for at least 3 more years in the winery’s cellars before being introduced to the public. The main features of the Campora are a deep and intense ruby red colour; the perfume is fine and wide, with mature berries, vanilla and earthy spices; truly mouth filling, with a lengthy build up of flavours of berries and spices that all culminate into an elegant textured finish. This is a wine with great elegance, harmony, with a remarkable structure and complexity. The Campora, properly stored, can be refined in the bottle for 18-20 years.

  • Falchini Titolato Colombaia...


    Produced from the property owned vineyard named Colombaia, this Chianti of the Senese Hills comes from a blend of Sangiovese (85%) and small percentages of other red grapes hand picked from the Colombaia estate in San Gimignano. This wine is fermented and stocked in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The maceration period is about 10/15 days long. After a brief passage in small oak barrels, this wine is further refined in the bottle for a few months. It then must pass the accurate examination of the Titolato Consortium before being sold. With it’s ruby red colour, it’s pleasantly rich appealing flavours of red berries and a taste that feels warm, intense, dry and velvety; this wine is the perfect example of a fine Chianti Colli Senesi.

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  • Falchini Vigna a Solatìo


    It is pleasantly fresh with a hint of green apple and delicate white jasmine flowers. It is a wine that adapts wonderfully to any type of cuisine thanks to the rich mineral content of the wine. This wine, with great elegance, a pleasant bouquet and structure, is a classic example of Vernaccia that “kisses, licks, bites and stings”, as described in one of his poems by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

  • Falchini AB Vinea Doni


    Produced from the Casale property owned vineyards in San Gimignano, the “Ab Vinea Doni” (Latin, “gifts from the vineyard”) is made with a hand selection of Vernaccia (95%) and Chardonnay (5%) grapes. The vinification is carried off the skins, soft pressing the grapes. The fermentation and refining take place in small French oak barriques for about 5 months in a temperature-controlled room. Once bottled, it completes its refining for a few more months before leaving the winery as required by the DOCG regulation.

  • Falchini Vigna A Solatìo...


    FROM THE BEST VERNACCIA GRAPES Produced by Solatio vineyards in Casale in Saint Gimignano , the wine is made from a careful selection of the best Vernaccia grapes. The wine is fermented and aged in 225 l oak barrels for 5/6 months. After bottling, it is aged for another four months before leaving the cellar.

  • Falchini Podere Casale I...


    Following the Tuscan tradition for producing Vinsanto, this naturally sweet Vin Santo comes from hand picked late harvest grapes of Malvasia and Trebbiano from the property owned vineyards in San Gimignano. The grapes are then slowly and naturally dehydrated till January in the “Vinsantaia” at the winery. Once the grapes are pressed, we then obtain a golden must which is transferred to small barrels of oak and other precious wood barrels such as cherry and old bourbon barrels; in these barrels the wine ferments and is left ageing for over four years. Before being bottled a careful selection of the best barrels is done. It has a golden intense colour with amber tones; a wide nose, penetrating with live notes of dried fruit, vanilla, honey and sweet spices; in the mouth it feels warm, sweet and dry, harmonious, with excellent persistency; it can be served slightly chilled as an aperitif wine with creamy aged cheeses or fois gras; traditionally it is served at room temperature with the typical Tuscan biscotti with almonds, or with honey/jams and very aged cheeses. It is excellent as a fine meditation wine. Grape variety: Trebbiano 50%, Malvasia 50%

  • Falchini Brut Spumante...


    The Falchini Brut Millesimato Classic Method Spumante of Casale Falchini must be served at a temperature of around 4-6 ° C. In addition to the sparkling wine year, every bottle produced in San Gimignano also reports the total number of bottles produced, the bottle's thousandth and the date of disgorgement. this guarantees the freshness of the product.

  • Falchini Castel Selva


    Classification: Vino Bianco d’Italia (first 2014 vintage only); Toscana Bianco I.G.T. for the following vintages

  • Ciabot Berton Barolo Roggeri


    Garnet red colour with good depth, intense and elegant nose with fruity notes, well sustained by a sweet spiciness combined with sensations of violet and dried rose. Powerful and harmonious palate with a dense and complex tannic structure. Pleasantly crisp and savoury, it offers a lingeringly persistent finish.