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    Following the Tuscan tradition for producing Vinsanto, this naturally sweet Vin Santo comes from hand picked late harvest grapes of Malvasia and Trebbiano from the property owned vineyards in San Gimignano. The grapes are then slowly and naturally dehydrated till January in the “Vinsantaia” at the winery. Once the grapes are pressed, we then obtain a golden must which is transferred to small barrels of oak and other precious wood barrels such as cherry and old bourbon barrels; in these barrels the wine ferments and is left ageing for over four years. Before being bottled a careful selection of the best barrels is done. It has a golden intense colour with amber tones; a wide nose, penetrating with live notes of dried fruit, vanilla, honey and sweet spices; in the mouth it feels warm, sweet and dry, harmonious, with excellent persistency; it can be served slightly chilled as an aperitif wine with creamy aged cheeses or fois gras; traditionally it is served at room temperature with the typical Tuscan biscotti with almonds, or with honey/jams and very aged cheeses. It is excellent as a fine meditation wine. Grape variety: Trebbiano 50%, Malvasia 50%