Monstant, from a Priorat vineyard<br>&copy; Jesus Viñuales

Montsant is a wine region in Catalonia, northern Spain. The gently undulating area was formerly categorized as a viticultural sub-zone of Tarragona, but local growers felt the high-altitude vineyards here earned the region recognition as a DO in their own right. As a result, the Montsant DO was created in 2001, its name taken from the Montsant massif ('holy mountain') that dominates the region's landscape.
Montsant lies west of Tarragona city and forms a 'C' shape that almost completely surrounds the prestigious Priorat region. Vines were first introduced to the area by the Romans thousands of years ago, and Catholic monks continued the viticultural tradition during the Middle Ages. By the 19th Century, wines from Montsant were receiving praise at universal exhibitions.
The DO Montsant wines are the fruit of a centuries-old tradition and current academic knowledge. They are handcrafted products, in which the hand of man intervenes in the whole process of elaboration, a process that is the result of an inalienable balance between the vineyard and the winery. The vine grower takes great care of the vineyard to bequeath the winemaker with the best grapes, the ones that allow the creation of wines appreciated all over the world.

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