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Ampelos Cellars

Ampelos Vineyard and Cellars

We are very proud to be representing Ampelos vineyard and cellars in Singapore.Pinot Noir fields

Ampelos is located in the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbera County, Califonia. The estate covers 82 acres and has produced wine since 1999 under the Santa Rita Hills applellation.

Ampelos is the greek word for wine, and the wine-maker has a firm believe that good wine is made in the vineyard, and through in-depth knowledge of the fruit and the terroir where it is grown.

The flavours of the Santa Rita Hills (Sta. Rita Hills as it is locally known) wines originates from a combination of east-west coastal valleys, cool weather, fog, wind and soils with elevatated calcium that limit vine vigor and crop yield intensifying flavors.

Ampelos was one of the first in the US to be certified Sustainability in Practice, Organic and Biodynamic and their commitment to eco-friendly, organic farming and wine making is evident in every sip.

Yearly about 5,000 cases are produced with a focus on growing organic grapes and creating well-crafted wines. The methods combine a respect for tradition and openness to innovation, keeping the wine making methods as natural as possible and free of harsh chemicals.

Sustainable farming and eco-friendly wine making are keyword for Ampelos and as an example all the extra grape skins, stems, seeds, and lees are composted, and a hand punch-down method is used for the wines to minimize use of electricity. In fact, more CO2 is absorbed than produced.

The wine making process start with gentle de-stemming and no crushing.

Fermentation in small 1.25 ton fermenting bins, using wild (indigenous) yeast fermentation and wild malolactic fermentation.

Grenache fields

Extended maceration for Pinot Noir, where the skins remain on the wine during fermentation for additional tannin and flavor extraction.
Oak is used as a balanced part of the flavor profile rather than a scene-stealer.

Bottle aging - releasing the wine once it is perfectly aged for drinking so it is ready to share as soon as you bring it home.

​The clean and cared-for fruit shines through every bottle, glass and sip of Ampelos wine and we are happy to be able to share this experience in Singapore.

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