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Domaine Calmel & Joseph is a former farmstead, typical of the Languedoc, first mentioned in a deed of property dated the 26 July 1577 belonging to the nobleman Jehan de Calmès, Lord of Saint Jullia.
In the course of its history it was known by several different names, including Borde Neuve and La Madone.

In 1590 the nearby village of Montirat was pillaged and burnt to the ground.
The buildings of what was then Borde Neuve were almost certainly severely damaged at this time.
It was only with the creation of a land registry in 1595, established after peace was restored, that agricultural activity resumed.

It was a classic farmstead of its time, with around fifteen hectares on which cereals were grown, mainly wheat, but also oats, barley, malt and lentils.
There were also olive groves, sheep flocks kept for their wool, and coppices for the provision of wood.
Vines began to be cultivated on the estate in the 16th century, but purely to make wine for personal consumption.
Roman remains can still be seen today in the scrublands surrounding the Domaine.

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