Ampelos Cellars Riesling Epsilon

Racing heartbeat. Tingling down to your toes. A grin impossible to erase. It's the first time and you will never forget it. White grapefruit, keffir limes and delicate honeysuckle set sail for exotic shores. Licks of lemon, candied ginger and crushed sea shells fill well worn passport pages while swirls of delicate white flowers permeate your hopes and desires. Composition: 100% riesling clone 49
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Grapes Riesling
Winery Ampelos Cellars
Wine Maker Peter & Rebecca Work
Country USA
Region California
District Santa Barbara
Village Sta. Hills
Color White
Alcohol 13.9%
Organic Bio-dynamic
Production Method harvest • riesling: such an amazing grape to work with! we planted this tiny lot of just 0.4 acre on a very steep slope in 2013 and our goal was to provide some riesling for our rose wine. but as we started harvesting this block we realized that we got more crop than we needed for the rose. and our tiny riesling program was born• on october 8 we picked the grapes. a nice yield at 2.77 ton per acre was hand harvested from the steep, narrow rows – this pick takes forever!wine making style• the wine making goal for the riesling is to retain the flavors of the freshly picked fruit and not to mask it with oak or other distracting components• after the grapes were picked we pressed them and filled three stainless steel barrels• we cold fermented at 50 degrees to retain the fruit flavors of the grapes. all native yeast fermentation. two of the barrels were blended with syrah and grenache for the rose wine – but we kept the third barrel for this special project• we have learned that for some reason riesling in our area is a slow fermenter. It kept going way into 2019 and it was not until march that it finally finished fermentation• the wine does not go through the second (malolactic) fermentation – that way we keep the minerality as well as the crispness of the fruit in the wine
Food Pairing Fish, Seafood, Aperitif
Vintage 2018
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