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About Rosoretto Winery

Rosoretto (Piedmont, Barolo district, Castiglone Falletto)

Rosoretto team

Some of Italy's finest wines are produced in Piedmont, especially in the prestigious Barolo district.


Barolo is known as “RE DEI VINI, VINO DEI RE” - the King of Wines, the Wine for Kings!

Nebbiolo and Barbera are the most used grapes in Piedmont.


Rosoretto is located in Castiglione Falletto, at the heart of Barolo region. Rosoretto means Rose Garden in old Italian and the vineyard is indeed at one of the best locations, with some of the best microclimate in Barolo. 

New owners, represented by Peter Meier, and expert winemaker Davide Arcury, took over in 2007, and the winery has been extensively renovated and modernised to “state of the art”.

Peter and Davide are driven by passion, ambitions, perfection, and have produced exquisite wines for the last 6-7 years. The wine is on par with the best in Barolo, but is still “undiscovered”, and hence represents really good value for money. One will have to pay much more for a similar quality Barolo from more established and well known wineries.

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Rosoretto fields